Expect more with Optimum Grip

We patented the Optimum® Grip out of a search for the solution to help you see the gains you want to make but didn’t think you could achieve. After years of working out, we began to see patterns, repeatedly hear similar things, and felt that a solution was in order.

Optimum® Grip is so simple and useful that you, like us, will wonder why no one created it sooner. We discovered that no one else was willing to relentlessly find a better way for you to connect with your equipment and invest in a simple design and formula that creates the results you are looking for.

We all intuitively know that everything happens where you interface with the world. In the gym, it all begins with your grip. A better grip facilitates proper form and allows you to focus all of your attention and energy on doing the work moving the weight rather than wasting energy and effort to manipulate the equipment and hang on. The gains you will make in muscle strength, endurance, and growth occur with the last repetitions you successfully make before muscle failure. With your Optimum® Grip, you make more successful reps with proper weightlifting form at this critical time when fatigue is at its maximum, and you will surprise yourself with the gains you make and the new levels you will achieve.

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