Get A Grip On Your Workout

Optimum Grip



The patented workout grip you’ve always wanted. A butyl rubber, ridged product that provides grip strength so that you don’t sacrifice form.

Why Optimum Grips

BETTER GRIP: Your Optimum® Grip will protect your hands, give you a better feel, better connection, and will become even better with time and use.

BETTER FORM: Your Optimum® Grip enables you to use your best form. More energy and effort become concentrated in moving the weight.

BETTER WORKOUT: Your Optimum® Grip facilitates better repetitions when you are most fatigued near the point of reaching muscle failure, where you will make your best gains.

BETTER RECOVERY: Your Optimum® Grip protects your hands and wrists from wear and tear. You will optimize your time in and out of the gym with fewer injuries.

BETTER RESULTS: Your Optimum® Grip maximizes workout when your body is prepared to make the biggest gains.

Optimum Grip Reviews


The grips are absolutely great. I actually threw out my gloves because I don’t need them anymore. They’re great because they stick to my hands. I can even use them during my circuit training. Especially when I’m doing push-ups, my hands don’t stick to the mat, they only stick to the grips. I don’t have any blisters on my hands… I absolutely recommend these.
- Liz


I’ve been using the grips for about 2 months and I can say that my workouts are even better. I don’t have to hold the weights as tight. I can actually lift heavier with the grips. I actually had my friends use them and they loved them too.
- Heather